Top Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala

Many Kerala students dream of studying abroad. In 2024, the need for expert guidance is higher than ever. This guide discusses the top 6 study abroad agencies in Kerala. It focuses on their unique features and success stories.. Students who are excited about international education can find this guide here. It provides tips and advice.

Harvest Abroad studies 

Harvest Abroad Studies is the top choice education agency in Kerala and all over India. When you start with us, you will have a straightforward and exciting journey. We have a successful track record of helping more than 50,000 students achieve their academic dreams on a global scale. Harvest Abroad Studies has been guiding students through studying abroad since 2005. We offer personal advice to help students. We also provide careful admission support. Additionally, we offer clear financial guidance to make things easy for students.       

  Harvest Top Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala                                                                                                                                                                     

  • Personalised Counselling    

 Here at HARVEST ABROAD STUDIES, we pride ourselves on giving special attention to each student. We offer one-on-one sessions to help students with academic options and career paths.. We’re here to make sure every student gets the personalised guidance they need to succeed in their academic journey.                                                                          

  • Student Testimonial

As expressed by DR.PRIZIL SAMUEL, “I’m content with the service provided by the entire crew of Harvest Abroad consultancy. This particular consultancy has excellent, active, responsive, and motivational student counsellors who can provide the right guidance to their clients by step-by-step help to reach the destination goal.” According to DR.PRIZIL SAMUEL, the guidance from HARVEST ABROAD STUDIES has played a pivotal role in their academic success and personal growth.

  • Success Stories

Ann Mary’s journey is short and sweet. Dreaming of an MBA at Turiba University, she faced admission challenges. Harvest Abroad made it easy, guiding her to success. Ann Mary not only got into Turiba but also grew and learned globally. She says Harvest Abroad made her MBA dream a success, making every step easy. It shows how Harvest Abroad supports not only studies but personal growth and global learning.

Harvest Abroad emerged as a leading study abroad agency in Kerala through its expertise and personalized support, solidifying its reputation.


Let’s talk about the second best study abroad agency in Kerala – SANTA MONICA. This agency started in 2002. Their unique services and dedication to helping students succeed have made them well-known. They have partnered with over 600 excellent universities/colleges from more than 20 countries.

SANTA MONICA is your go-to guide for studying abroad. They have branches and offices in almost every city in Kerala and major cities across India. They make the whole process easy for you. They connect you with top-notch educational institutions worldwide.

Santa Monica

  • Unique Selling Point

SANTA MONICA simplifies the process and makes it special. They provide tailor-made programs in Art, Fashion Designing, Teaching, and Social Care. This allows you to choose what you love. You can shape your study abroad journey in line with your career aspirations. At SANTA MONICA, they are committed to ensuring your study program aligns with your goals. It’s all about making your overseas education journey both enjoyable and meaningful.

  • Industry Recognition

Santa Monica is not any agency; people have acknowledged it for doing great things! WITT, NEW ZEALAND named them the “Top Performing Agent in India” in 2018. This award shows how committed SANTA MONICA is to being excellent at what they do. It’s a big deal. It proves that they’re a top choice for students looking for quality service and success in their endeavors.

  •  Strategic Partnerships 

SANTA MONICA partners with 600+ universities in 20+ countries, ensuring a broad range of options. With 25+ branches across India, they’ve secured 60,000+ successful global admissions in 20 years. Wherever you are, SANTA MONICA is your guide to a successful study abroad journey.

Looking into SANTA MONICA, you’ll see they’re all about diversity and innovation. That’s why they’re a top choice for students who want a study abroad experience that’s special and tailored for them.


 EDABROAD, the third agency in line. They’ve been in the business of helping students study abroad since 2003, making things simple and successful. Known for their reliability, they offer all sorts of services to guide you through the process. EDABROAD has you covered for applying for studies, getting advice, or settling into a new country. It makes the whole experience stress-free.


  • Counselling Sessions

Edabroad is a standout study abroad consultant in Kochi, Kerala. They offer expert guidance for selecting career paths and courses. The team helps choose reputable colleges. They consider budgets and identify courses with paid internships. EdaBroad is your go-to partner for personalised advice on shaping your future.

  • Financial Guidance

EDABROAD helps its clients choose the best educational loan based on their finances and needs. They provide financial guidance. The agency also maintains a list of banks that offer loans at affordable rates. This ensures clients have access to well-informed and helpful financing options.

  • Admission Support

Edabroad ensures a seamless application process, guiding you on procedures, document requirements, and exam details. From reference forms to essays, edabroad assist in the entire process and follow up with universities for a positive response.

Summing it up, Edabroad guides you with all-inclusive support services, ensuring your success. Make your study abroad journey smoother and stress-free by choosing Edabroad for a comprehensive experience.


Our exploration introduces us to the fourth study abroad agency in Kerala – Edroots. They established Edroots in 2007. The organization has placed more than 16,125 students in top-notch institutions worldwide. The skilled and certified counsellors at Edroots dedicate themselves to helping students. They help students choose optimal educational paths for personal growth and career achievements. With Edroots, your journey isn’t toward global education. It’s a strategic route to personal and professional triumph.

Edroots International Education

  • Services

At Edroots, the commitment doesn’t end once they board the flight. Post-arrival services, including airport pick-up, accommodation help, and more, ensure their comfort. Current students at Edroots guide newcomers for a smooth transition. Completing the course? Edroots assists with post-study work permits and Permanent Residency guidance. Edroots cares for students beyond borders.

  • Cultural Adaptation Initiatives

Starting your studies in a new country can be tough. Edroots makes it easier with a special pre-departure session. It gives you essential info and helpful tips. All visa-approved students can join, ensuring a smooth start to your academic adventure. At Edroots, we help you with the formalities. We make your entry into the new academic chapter confident and comfortable.

  • Success stories

Expressed by Kiran Baby, “Choosing Edroots International was one of the best decisions for me. The entire team demonstrated incredible responsibility at every step, offering outstanding follow-ups. A special thanks to Ms. Namritha for her patience in addressing all my queries. They are accessible at any time, and I recommend Edroots to anyone seeking a hassle-free UK student visa process. I received my visa 2 days ago. Kudos to the entire team of Edroots”. Kiran Baby’s testimonial highlights Edroots as the preferred choice for a seamless and successful journey towards a UK student visa.

Edroots is more than an education provider, it’s your guide to global success. Their commitment makes the journey easy and enjoyable. Edroots makes education personalized and simple. It ensures your success in a global setting.


Here’s TC Global, our fifth contender in Kerala’s study abroad consultants. What sets them apart? They streamline international education by connecting students and universities on a platform. With a few simple steps, students can apply and study anywhere in the world. TC Global’s tech-driven approach empowers universities to recruit globally. Their approach makes them a noteworthy player in the study abroad scene.

TC Global Overseas Education Consultants

  • Course Guidance

  At TC Global, they offer personalised learning solutions tailored for individuals. Their course guidance programs help students unlock their full potential. The flexible schedules cater to individual needs. One-on-one sessions ensure each student receives the attention they deserve.

  • Language Support Program

TC Global can assist you in your journey to study, live, or work in almost any part of the world. Achieving a satisfactory score in an English Language Skill Test is a crucial prerequisite if you plan to move abroad for any purpose other than tourism. This need is essential for almost all organisations. TC Global designed the Language Support Program to help you meet and exceed these standards.

  • Success Stories

 In the words of Vijesh V.J “Thank you to the TC Global team for their invaluable help, support, and unbiased insights in guiding me towards meaningful decisions about my future. Working with the team has been a pleasure”. Join global success with TC Global, where your journey becomes a testament to their commitment.

TC Global excels in study abroad technology. The company crafts application and communication processes with ease. This matches the digital preferences of today’s students.


As we delve into the top study abroad agencies in Kerala, let’s explore the offerings of the 6th contender, GeeBee. Their dedicated help makes the journey of global education seamless. GeeBee Consultants boast access to a vast network of 75+ universities worldwide. The network spans countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and more.

GEEBEE Study Abroad Agency

  • Tailored support

GeeBee’s platform connects you to 750+ universities. Expert counsellors help choose from top institutions in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. They support recruitment partners, offer dedicated customer service, competitive commissions, and a variety of courses, making GeeBee your easy way to academic success.

  • Partnership

 GeeBee’s commitment to excellence is showcased through partnerships with Leapscholar and Leap Finance. These alliances provide outstanding support. They simplify your academic journey and pave the way to success.

  • Transparent Pricing

   GEEBEE consultancy believes in keeping things straightforward. While most services are free for students, they have a transparent pricing model for specific chargeable services. This ensures you always know what to expect, promoting trust and fairness in every aspect of your academic journey with GeeBee. They aim to make the financial side of things as simple and clear as possible for your peace of mind.

GeeBee Consultants isn’t an education consultancy; it’s your guiding light for studying abroad. GeeBee has impressive achievements, a vast global network, and a commitment to excellence. It makes global education accessible and achievable for every student.


To sum it up, Kerala offers a range of great study abroad agencies, each with its unique services catering to students’ diverse needs. Whether you need personal guidance, financial advice, language support, or the latest tech assistance, these agencies stand out in helping students achieve success in international academics.It was really hard for us to  come up with top 6 study abroad consultants in Kerala as each one of them is doing best in their own terms.

As you start your study abroad journey from Kerala, take a close look at what each agency offers. The information in this guide is here to help you choose , considering your academic goals and preferences.

Select your study abroad agency , and may your educational journey be as amazing as you hope. Best of luck as you step into the world of international education!

Note: The details provided here are accurate as of January 2024. However, it’s a good idea to double-check and stay updated on any changes in the study abroad scenario.

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